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Boost Logic 12 Injector Upgrade Nissan R35 GTR 09+

Boost Logic 12 Injector Upgrade Nissan R35 GTR 09+

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The 12 Injector Option is a great addition to our current intake manifold. This upgrade allows you to add an additional rail and 6 more injectors to deliver the fueling needs of a 1400WHP GTR. This will include a additional rail, Mounting brackets, extra machining of the Boost Logic Intake Manifold with additional injector bosses welded in place. This is a must for any car going big power using a high volume fuel like E85, E98, E100 etc. This increases fuel delivery by a staggering 500%, enough to support the needs of an engine that is pushing 1400WHP of performance. A reliable solution designed to help you reach your power goals without sacrificing reliability.



NOTE : This package DOES NOT include Intake Manifold components. The BL 12 Injector Controller is compatible with the stock ECU, and integrating it with a Cobb or Ecutek will require wiring. Please include the Injector Connector types for Primary and Secondary Injectors upon ordering.


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