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Moroso - 22460 OIL FILTER

Moroso - 22460 OIL FILTER

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Our years of research and development in the realm of racing oil systems and components has highlighted the key factors of effective oil filtration. While many filter vendors emphasize the significance of capturing the tiniest particles in engine oil, with claims of filters boasting 10 micron or lower ratings, our experience underscores different priorities.

Expert research conducted by Moroso engineers has determined that particles less than 20 microns in diameter are unlikely to cause engine wear. Additionally, filters with very low micron ratings can cause excessive pressure drops, leading the filter bypass valve to open. When the bypass valve is open, the filter is not able to provide any filtration.

Moroso Racing Oil Filters boast a 27 micron rating, delivering an impressive 2.5 psi initial restriction when evaluated according to SAE J806. This ensures minimal pressure drop, enhanced flow, reduced oil by-pass, and optimal filtration amidst competitive racing settings.

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