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Tial MVR 44mm External Wastegate

Tial MVR 44mm External Wastegate

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The legendary Tial 44mm wastegate is one of the most iconic boost control devices in the turbocharging world. Proven from Pikes Peak to World Time Attack to Formula Drift, Full-Race customers depend on their TiAL wastegates for consistent, dependable boost. 

The TiAL MVR 44mm wastegate is, in part, so popular because of its overall compact size. It only measures 4.17" high, meaning when space is at a premium this wastegate comes in handy. Despite its physical size, the wastegate performs better than the competition's offerings, making it by far one of the best options in the world for controlling boost in turbocharged applications. 

Also a reason it's so popular is the simple, bolt-on installation. The 44m wastegate from TiAL is a direct bolt-on and will work with nearly any turbocharger setup. It has two top air ports and three bottom air ports. What this means is that you don't need to rotate the actuator housing due to port location. 

Note: Water cooling circuit optional (for endurance racing applications)


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