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RR08S Brisk Racing Silver Spark Plug

RR08S Brisk Racing Silver Spark Plug

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Popular application:

2011-20 FORD Mustang 5.0

2011 Chevy Camaro V6

GEN 3 HEMI Engines 5.7L, 6.1L Dodge SRT 4, SRT 8, HEMI, Chrysler 300

The RR08S Brisk Silver Racing Spark Plug features a smaller diameter silver core and a traditional open spark hook type earth electrode, providing exceptional ignition for high octane fuel blends like CNG, LPG, Propane, E85, Alcohol, LNG, Racing Fuels, and Nitro.. 


Silver is the premier material for a spark plug's core electrode due to its capacity to rapidly dissipate heat, leading to reduced spark plug temperatures and greater spark strength. This heightened spark causes a smoother, faster flame front and speed, granting engines a higher RPM range. Our Silver Racing line is compatible with virtually all aftermarket and OEM systems, from classic coils and distributors to contemporary direct injection and port performance ignitions.


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