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Turbo Smart IWG75 Wastegate Actuator Suit Nissan GTR R35

Turbo Smart IWG75 Wastegate Actuator Suit Nissan GTR R35

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Turbosmart's upgraded Wastegate Actuators deliver superior boost response vs. factory equipment thanks to a larger diaphragm and revised springs, offering greater leverage against boost and backpressure. This boosts the "working ratio," resulting in increased torque and peak boost achieved earlier in the RPM range and sustained to higher RPMs. Higher base pressures may further amplify boost gains, though recalibration may be necessary.

Proprietary Silicon Nomex Diaphragm
Choice of Springs from 3psi to 26psi (Optional)
High-Grade Billet Aluminum Construction
Stainless Steel Rods and Clevis
Turbosmart Unique Locking Collar System

The 7psi version is a direct replacement for the factory item. All other versions will require tuning/calibration of your engines ECU

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